Alnpete Press is pleased to announce a new Alison Buck novel

Female Line

Female Line Cover“Alison Buck is an exciting and strong new voice in modern fiction.
Although her stories feature powerful insights and express a
female perspective on important issues and concerns
they successfully speak to readers of all genders, ages and beliefs.
Dark, psychological drama, mixed with wit and delivered with a light touch
that makes you care about the hopes and dreams of her characters.”

Anna sits in the darkened kitchen, the knife in her hands. Looking down at the blade, she feels nothing. She absently reads the name on the cold metal and then closes her eyes again, lost in thought.

He’ll be back soon.

But, for the moment, the silence of the flat is unbroken.

She carefully touches the side of her face. Her teeth are jarred and sore, but she looks down again at the blade and still she feels nothing.

He won’t be long now.

As Anna waits, she dreams. She is, in this moment, detached from all of this; from her life with him, from the pain, from the failure of all her dreams, from life itself. This is not revenge. It’s too cold for revenge. It’s an ending, that’s all.

A key rattles in the lock.

He is home...



Alison Buck, an exciting and strong new voice in fiction.
Watch out for her new title Female Line coming next year.
Paperback ISBN 978-0-9552206-5-4