Alnpete Press is pleased to announce Simon Buck's first novel

Library of the Soul

a Peter White mystery

Library of the Soul cover“Simon Buck has a traditional approach to crime (writing about it, that is!)
His Peter White mysteries will intrigue you with their twists and turns,
while fascinating you with high technology and state of the art techniques,
and tempting you with exotic locations and enticing meals.
If you're a foodie, a techno-mage, an armchair traveller,
an amateur sleuth or just enjoy a good yarn, you'll love these books.”

For years the CIA have been using a poison designed to cause a heart attack and then disperse without a trace. Now a batch has gone missing.
    On a visit to Rome, Peter White is recruited by his old friend Costanza into the oldest secret society in the world, in order to help her solve an urgent problem. Cardinals and other clerics around the world are dying of unexpected heart attacks. Police authorities are not interested as there is no evidence of foul play. But Costanza believes someone is using electronic cash and a betting website to fund and coordinate a campaign of murders that will ultimately lead to the assassination of the Pope. She and Peter must track down the killer before any more people die. Using the world’s largest supercomputer, deep in the Secret Archives beneath the Vatican Library, they lay an electronic trap and wait. But when the Library itself becomes the target of an audacious plot to steal a 2000 year old manuscript, the problem suddenly becomes much more personal.


This is a conspiracy theorists dream scenario, involving the Vatican, shadowy groups within the US Catholic Church vying for the ultimate power, Christian fundamentalists and anti-papists, the Bilderberg Group, the neocons, the new world order, the CIA, the British intelligence service, secret societies, secret archives, secret services, espionage, murder, cover-ups, religious in-fighting (both contemporary and ancient), secret supercomputers, cryptographic genius and dodgy websites. All that's missing are the Illuminati and UFOs!


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The first Peter White mystery, Library of the Soul,
is available from good stores and online retailers now.

Paperback ISBN 978-0-9552206-0-9 312pp RRP: £9.99
eBook ISBN 978-0-9552206-6-1 RRP: £1.99 (inc VAT)

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